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The Safe Choice

About ISI: a safer standard for stainless performance

When potential customers visit the ISI stainless steel fabrication facility outside of Green Bay Wisconsin, they often comment on the safety glasses. Everybody wears them on our factory floor, along with steel toed shoes, ear plugs and other safety gear. The guards on our machinery are firmly in place and completely functional. Customers note this because it isn’t the standard commonly upheld everywhere in the metal fabrication industry.

This tells you two key things about the way we at ISI run our business. In the simplest sense, safety attentiveness tells our people we care. This makes them care about ISI, which shows in the workmanship they apply and the quality our customers enjoy in the finished result.

Safety consciousness is also a part of our willingness to go the extra mile in everything we do. You’ll find the same spirit reflected in the complete list of value-added services ISI offers to customers who wish to go beyond stainless steel fabrication to outsource all or part of their product manufacturing:

  • Design assistance and design for manufacturability
  • Machining of stainless parts, and sourcing of machined components
  • Assembly , creation of subassemblies and finished products
  • Sourcing of finishing and product decoration
  • Installation of finished stainless products, assembly logistics and complete product commissioning

We like to think of ISI as the type of company a customer can call to completely offload the burden of a manufacturing task, leaving them with One Less Thing to Worry About. In order to achieve this, we must worry as comprehensively as our most meticulous customer, and never be willing to rest until everything is done the way they would do it themselves…or better. That’s the safest possible choice for everyone.