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Standards & Certifications

Capabilities, certifications…and a certainty


  • Sanitary metal finishing with a 32 RA finish
  • Expertise with 3A sanitary and regulatory requirements
  • ASME certified MIG, TIG and orbital welders in a variety of certification levels (call for particulars)
  • OSHA trained for rigging, high lifts and fork lifts

Industries served

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Dairy
  • Converting
  • Paper
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Printing
  • Water Treatment
  • OEM Mfg.
  • Chemical
  • Marine
  • Beverage


  • Sanitary Process Piping
  • Hot Water & Chilled Water Systems
  • Chemical Systems & Piping
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Design Assistance and Prototyping
  • Ladders and Stairs
  • Facility Shutdown Support

When judging a stainless steel fabricator, two important factors must be taken into account: can they do the job, and will they?

In terms of expertise, certifications and industry-specific knowledge, Industrial Stainless definitely has the background to handle the toughest challenges in stainless steel. This capability is backed by an absolutely stainless reputation for fulfilling a promise of performance…a track record attested to by a list of the most sophisticated OEM manufacturers in the metals industry. The commitment is enhanced by a willingness to go above and beyond with a variety of value-added services, including:

  • Design assistance
  • Sourcing of machined components
  • Assembly
  • Painting and finishing
  • Logistics and installation
  • Maintaining a supply of replacement components and fulfilling component orders

When one company can do it all under one roof…and under one invoice…customers get the benefit of ISI’s greatest ultimate capability: giving customers One Less Thing to Worry About.