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Stainless fabrication with a twist:

Our Special Projects Team tackles the jobs most shops won’t touch

Every stainless steel fabricator gets them. They’re the projects that go beyond the straight and narrow, demanding extra engineering or structural knowledge, added design expertise or capability with unique materials or special manufacturing processes. Most companies pretend they don’t exist. ISI actively seeks them out, thanks to an informal group of specialists in fabrication, welding, and manufacturing we call the Special Projects Team.

They swing into action in response to anything outside the ordinary. The range of possibilities is practically endless, though they tend to fit into a few broad categories:

  • Work that combines stainless with unusual metals, non-metallic materials or a combination of both
  • Debugging problems with products that work well on paper, but don’t function effectively in a finished fabricated part
  • Helping OEM engineers lower the cost of a component to meet corporate cost containment goals
  • Serving as the manufacturing consultant of last resort for customers who are overwhelmed with other projects, need to offload responsibilities or are simply stumped as to how to make something work properly

Other stainless fabricators might take on jobs like these, if they weren’t afraid of creating a cost estimate on the unknown. ISI has no such fear. Our pricing on every project is an open book, allowing our customers to manage their own costs on work in progress…and to reap the benefit of the Team’s problem-solving efficiency.

Why do we so regularly venture into such uncharted territory? The simple answer is that it sharpens our sword. The lessons learned and expertise gained by the Special Projects Team is a valuable resource, available for improving the quality and efficiency of every project ISI undertakes.

Have a special need you’d like to have quoted…or simply an idea to run by our Special Projects Team? Email us now at